Monday, January 30, 2012

Wekk #4 in Review

Week #3 in Review

Well this wasn't my best week.  I was so tired from ice camp and had an all-night event this weekend and it really threw my schedule off.  I ran about 20 miles and my longest run was 8.5 miles.  I definitely did not do the reading I was supposed to all.  So I need to hop back on it this week.  Mentally was also a rough week.  I was sooooo tired last week and it really gets ya down mentally when you are tired.  I am taking this next month and slowing my pace down as far as my scheduling goes.  I need to recuperate..end of story.  The length of this post compared to other reviews posts is an indicator of how I need rest.  i am keeping this short and brief.  Let me know how your week went?  What went well and what went bad?
Here is a video I keep watching over and over:  Check it out!!!

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