Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Being honest.

Throwing away chips from our cabinets.
Well I have a confession to make to all of you.  There is another love in my life besides my wife.  I know, crazy right!  This other love  I love food.  I love all the flavors, textures, and styles of food.  See my problem isn't what I eat as much as it is the amount of food I eat.  When I sit down to eat I cant (or I should say I don't) eat proper portions.  Honestly, I have always prided myself on the amount of food I can eat.  I have entered burrito eating contests and have taken "steak challenges" at restaurants.  I have eaten more chicken wings then I care to admit and one time when fishing on lake Michigan the fishing was slow so I went down below in the boat and ate a bucket of KFC chicken that we brought.  When I am in the moment it doesn't appear gross to me, but as I type it i do realize how disgusting this is.  We talk about other sins and how serious they are, however, we rarely talk about gluttony and how it can be just as terrible for us.  I really want to show some control this year in not eating as much.  Last night I took a big step for me:  i turned down a slice of pizza.  I know this might not sound big to you but it is huge for me.  I dont even like pizza all that much but I love free food.  This was a huge step for me.  What are your traps?  Is there one particular food if given the chance you would eat an economy size box of it?  Share your thoughts.

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