Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week #2 in Review

I felt like this was a great week for growth!  I hope it was for you as well.

This has been a great week physically for me.   I ran more miles this week than I have in a long time and I have had my longest run to date since high school.  

-  Total Run -  about 23 miles this week.  (It was a walk/run combo.  Walked about 3 of these miles.)

-  Longest Run - 5.75 miles.  (This run felt really really good.  it was one of those where I just wanted to keep running but I needed to get home.)

-  Eating -   I ate pretty good this week.  I am not going gunz blazin' on never eating another "bad" food again.  I will still have a slice of pizza at this point, just not 6 of them.  However, I really didn't make poor food choices this week.  Instead of snacking on garbage I chose healthy snacks:  carrots, fruit, almonds, etc.

-  Drinking - I drank a lot of water this week.  A LOT!  The only downside to drinking that much water is the amount of time I spend in the bathroom.  ( I know, TMI).  However, it keeps me feeling full and hydrated for the amount of running I have been doing.  I am really trying to eliminate pop and sugar drinks.    Also, due to some dietary issues, eliminating pop helps me to feel a lot better throughout the day.  

-  Still been doing my Youversion reading plans and they have been going well.  However, I think they may be a little to short.  I don't feel I am really challenging myself as far as what I am reading and should probably step it up.  

-  Prayer is an area I am really learning in.  It is difficult for me to grasp the concept that I am not just talking AT God, but communicating with God.  I am really trying to learn to listen more than I talk.  

-  Been getting better at writing things down as soon as I hear them.  Whether it be telling my iPhone to remind me to do things or putting them in my iCal.  

-  I really am trying to think differently.  Have a different outlook.  I have to admit that exercising and trying to grow myself spiritually is helping with my thinking.  It is amazing how all these areas are tied together.

Hope you all had a great week.  Please leave a comment with how your 2012 is going so far!  

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  1. So far so good for me as well! You totally kicked my butt in running this week, that is for sure. Glad we are in this together!!!