Fitness Resources

myfitnesspal is a great way to keep track of exercise, food intake, and overall health.  You can use it on your computer by going to or download the app on your phone and track things on the go.  Go to


Runkeeper is a wonderful app that will track all your running (indoor and outdoor).  If you run outdoor it will locate you via GPS and map out your run, how far you ran, how fast (or slow) you ran, give you vocal encouragement, and play your favorite music playlist.  Also, you can create a "street team" that will allow you to add friends, follow, and encourage each other.  Go to


Here is another site/app that allows you to view fitness as more of a game.  When you reach certain goals you level up.  You add friends and then you can compete with them.  If you are a competitive person who liks the push then check this out.  Check out

If you are like me you like good stories.  This guy was a personal trainer and got tired of people telling him, "You just dont know what it is like to be fat."  So, he set out to get fat and then get fit again.  Go to for this inspiring story.