Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hitting the Wall

When you run a marathon it is a great experience.  It is a 26.2 mile race and it goes well until....the wall.  That magical last few miles where you feel like you go run over by a truck and then backed over again.  (If you haven't guessed it this is all second hand information because it pains me to even say the word marathon let alone run one.)  I know this is only week three into the new year.  Which means it is only 3 weeks into your new goals.  However, this, in my opinion is a "wall hitting" time.  We have done good the last couple weeks and now life is starting to catch up.  Work demands, family demands, and social demands all demand our time and in turn we slowly kinda push one thing after another off our goal page.  This has been and will continue to be a crazy week for me as will next week.  Our youth group has ice camp this weekend (which I am very excited about) and it demands a lot of my time as far as prep goes.  WIth that demanding some of my time my normal weekly routine items are being pushed back and later into the day, which takes from family time, which takes from fitness time.  You see the cycle right?  it is SO easy for this to happen.  Then, once we "fail at our goals" for a week it seems we never get back at them.  So, let me tell you what the challenge isn't.  The challenge is not to fail.  We will fail.  If we are trying anything tough at all we will fail.  The challenge is to make tomorrow a new day and get back at those things you have put in place to help you grow.  This week I am not running nearly as many miles as I did last week, that is ok.  Ill pick it back up next week and keep trucking along.  My schedule this week, it is crazy.  Ill adjust and move forward.  WHat are some walls you are running into?  Things you are doing to help you keep moving forward?  Comment.  Let me know!


  1. I'm glad I'm not alone ;) One of my favorite workouts is Zumba, I'm not good af it but I look foreword to it every week! It seems like the world really doesn't want me to go however! Last week the kids had a two hour delay, which meant no Zumba...this week I was all ready to go and got to the car and it was dead!!! Thankfully Stan's car has been hanging out in the driveway so I jumped it and went anyway. But I hate being late, so the thought crossed my mind to just skip it. I'm with you... Keep on keepin' on! It's so easy for me to give up after a failure, but not this time, not this year. Reading everyone's blog has been super helpful!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes! It is always the little things that seem to happen. And those little things pile up to become time suckers!