Monday, January 23, 2012

Week #3 in Review

This week was a challenge because I had a lot going on.  Elevate had our ice camp and it was a ton of work, but it was well worth it because we had a lot of fun.  I will blog about it later this week.  But with all the prep I really had to work in the things I needed to do.  

I did't get to run as many days as I would have liked but it was still good.  Ran more miles in the few runs I had.  But I still handled business! I still ran 4 days this week.  

-  Total Run -  about 23 miles this week.  (It was a walk/run combo.  Walked about 2 miles.)

-  Longest Run - 7.3 miles.  (I finished this run well.  I paced myself and ended the last mile and a half at about 6 mph.)

-  Eating -   This week was a challenge on eating, still did pretty well though.  Like I said we went to Ica Camp and usually camp food is pretty bad, but they had some healthy choices available which was a plus.  I only ate one unhealthy breakfast (the bacon was SOOOOOO good.)  I took healthy snacks with me and smuggled fruit out of the cafeteria.

-  Drinking -Again, drank a ton of water.  Also, the camp had some delicious hot chocolate that I am sure was not the healthiest, but it really warmed me up. 

-  With all the prep work from camp this was tough.  I battled between getting lessons ready for camp and doing my reading plan.  I did miss a day this week on my reading plan.

-  Prayer -- One of my favorite parts of my week is our Thursday staff meeting.  The reason for this is because we take most of this time and pray.  We pray for each other, other people, our church, things we have on our hearts, our spouses, our kids and I really love it because I really feel like the people sitting there with me really do care.  I know this sounds weird, but it is difficult for me to explain.  This week we even had a great discussion on prayer and how it is so easy to be the first thing that goes when life gets busy.  

- I had a tough mental week because I was soooo busy this week.  I felt very tired yesterday by the time I got home from Ice Camp.  My head hurt, my feet hurt, and I was tired.  I also have an all nighter this Friday night so I could be a dead person come Saturday.  I need to find time to recover for sure.

I am loving this adventure.  I really am.  I feel I am kind of reforming myself as a person and that is pretty cool.  I hope you are taking this journey as well and maybe becoming someone you have wanted to be.  Maybe a better spouse, parent, or child.  Perhaps becoming more physicallymentally, or spiritually fit.  Whatever it is, I hope that you achieve it.

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