Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be Intentional

I have to admit at times I am really bad at being intentional.  I sometimes just kind of "fall" into things or circumstances with no original intention of getting their or being there.  At times this almost seems like an attractive option because it removes the responsibility from ourselves.  I was listening to a podcast this morning, Perry Noble at New Spring church, and he said something that caused me to ask Siri, my personal assistant, to remind me to blog about.  He said, "A growing relationship with Jesus is intentional, not accidental".  WOW.  This also applies to so many areas of life.  My marriage will not get better by accident.  My parenting will not magically be awesome when I wake up.  I will not get out of the shower in the morning and accidentlaly be 20 pounds lighter.  The cray thing is we treat life like this so often.  We meander through life just waiting for things to happen to us instead us happening to things.  If we want to get more physically fit we need to intentionally eat better and intentionally burn calories.  If we want to grow spiritually we need to intentionally set aside time in our schedule to read and communicate with God.  It is all about being intentional and this is something I am trying to be more intentional about.

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  1. I figured it out to make a comment! God works in awesome ways! Everyone's blog has something in it to learn from, I love it! God has been putting this very thing on my heart lately. Being intentional and not ducking from responsibility out of fear of accountability. Thanks for the encouragement! I will be praying that you become more intentional!!