Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 1 in Review

Every week I am going to review the week and how it went.

Physicall fitness:

     -  I ran 5 days this week.  It was rough but I did it.  I didn't run very far or very fast but I ran.  If we are friends on Facebook you can see how far or fast I ran via "Runkeeper"(an app for iPhone and Android).

     -  I ate a lot better and a lot less this week.  At this point I am still going to have a slice of pizza every now and then, just not eight of them.  One day for lunch I even ate half of my lunch and saved the other half for the next day.  Which not only saved me calories, but saved me some money as well.  DOUBLE WHAMMI!

     -  My sleep schedule was kind of all over the place this week.  The Michigan game had a lot to do with that.  But it was worth watching Michigan become the SUGAR BOWL CHAMPS!

Spiritual Fitness

     -  I have read my Youversion devotions every day this week, plus a little more here and there.

     -  Being totally honest, my prayer life is always one of the toughest areas for me.  i think it is because I am very proud at times and feel I can deal with things on my own and I dont need any help.

Mental Fitness

     -  As far as mentally...I need all the help I can get.  I re-set up all my calendars and switched the service that I was using.  I switched from Google calendar to iCal.  I really am trying to schedule days out so I don't just float through my days senselessly.

Hope you all had a great week and are growing closer to the person you want to become!

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